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The Red Velvet Story


Deirdre and Les formed Red Velvet in early 2012, originally as a duo performing mostly covers. 

They recorded their first CD, “Songs of Love and Solidarity”, in February/March of that year with a selection of musician friends guesting, playing mostly covers, but with two originals by Les.

The next few years saw a number of different musicians spending time as part of the band, playing instruments as diverse as harmonica, fiddle, cello, banjo, concertina, sax, trumpet, mandolin, bass and cajon.

In early 2018, six years after their first CD, came the long-awaited second album, “Heartland Soul”, which included eight originals by Les, including a first collaboration with Deirdre, “Boxers Always Fight Hurt”. The sound was still predominantly folk, but with drummer Colin Smith now a permanent band member, they were becoming rockier.

A couple of members left the band after the release of the CD, and in April/May 2018 they were replaced by Gene Thunderbolt on keyboard and electric guitar and Mike Udin on bass and mandolin, creating what is now the established line-up. Red Velvet were now a full blown folk-rock band!

The five-piece’s first recording was the EP “Darkness & the Angels”, released in autumn 2018, containing five self-penned songs, including two with lyrics by Deirdre.

But the band were keen to record a selection of songs from throughout the band’s history, many of which had changed greatly since they were first performed or released. The result is this live CD, recorded in March 2019 at The Golden Hind, the venue that is very much their spiritual home. 

Deirdre and Les wish to thank their band, who are truly amazing and inspirational and very much integral parts of the creative musical process that is Red Velvet. They also wish to thank all the musicians who have been part of the Red Velvet journey over the years.

Onwards and upwards!

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