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Monday 29/6/2020 - Comment from Patrick Moss, Magpie's Folk Cafe' on Frome FM (Sunday 7pm)

"The last thing... Is now on next week's show. I've had a chance to listen properly and the EP is astonishingly good, after listening to a lot of "okay" music and tbh getting a bit jaded it made me sit up and take notice!"

Tuesday 23/6/2020 -

On 1st July we are releasing our new EP If Hawks Were Doves, which is a follow-up and companion project to last year’s Darkness & the Angels. Like the previous EP, this one explores the positive and negative forces, both inside and outside us, that bear upon our lives. 

The band have released a video of the song to coincide with the EP release.

See the YouTube video here:


Tuesday 14/4/2020 -

Red Velvet has a new EP that is raring to go, but we’re holding back its release for the moment, for obvious reasons. Instead, we’re re-releasing the single “After the War”, which first came out early last year, as we hope it will lift the spirits in this period of uncertainty and fear caused by COVID-19. 

The song is all about optimism, looking ahead positively to the future, attempting to capture that feeling as WWII drew to an end and people began thinking about rebuilding their lives. Many commentators have compared the current period to the war and the Blitz, and we believe the optimism the song channels is badly needed now!

“After the war, we’ll have a home, we’ll have a job, we’ll have a dream

Our nightmares won’t be half as scary as they’ve been,

After the war”

Sunday 17/3/2019 - Comments from The Golden Hind live recording session

"Thanks for a great evening. Very fine original songs, Les, and a good choice of covers.  Lovely singing from Deirdre as always and some fine new arrangements. Some very sympathetic playing. I thought the drumming was very good with some clever unobtrusive moments where others might have just bashed away! Lovely piano too  - particularly I remember some fine interplay between mandolin and piano on Which Side Are You On."

Andrew Bradford

"Highly enjoyable evening last night at the Golden Hind, venue of Cambridge Folk Club but on this occasion host to a superb performance from Red Velvet for a special live album. Having seen Red Velvet as Les and Deirdre some time back in Ely, this time their excellent songs were given more power and depth by the addition of three accomplished band members..."

Michael Judkins 


Saturday 16/3/19 - Red Velvet are recording a live album at the Golden Hind, revisiting their back catalogue with new arrangements by the 5-piece line-up. Entry is free of charge. CDs will be for sale and donations towards the project will be gratefully accepted
Support: the excellent Kelly & Woolley. Doors open 7.30pm, music starts 8pm.


Friday 1/3/19 - Comments from Trevor Krueger - Big Ear Radio / Re: Ride of Darkness
"... May I compliment the musicianship on the track, I love the hopeful dance rhythm which makes it more dreamlike, a state we certainly live in while coming to terms with Cancer
...... This is an important song everyone should hear, because Cancer is completely unbiased when picking it's victims, it can touch any of us..."

Saturday 23/2/19- Launch of new EP “Darkness & the Angels” at The White Horse, Bedford.


Sunday 17/2/19- Preview of the new EP at The Elm Tree, Cambridge.


Monday 5/2/19- First play of a track from the new EP (“That’ll never happen in real life”) on Richard Penguin’s show on Future Radio, Norwich 



Monday 31/12/18- Seeing in the New Year at The Black Horse, Dry Drayton.


Sunday 23/9/18- Red Velvet perform and run a stage as part of Royston Music Fest at The Jolly Postie.


Monday 16/7/18- “You put a spell on me” Record of the Week on Switch Dunmow radio, Great Dunmow

To date tracks from “Heartland Soul” have received plays on over 40 different folk radio shows

There have already been over 1,000 downloads of tracks from the album.


Sunday 15/7/18- Red Velvet perform their album live in Marquee 3 at Ely Folk Festival


Thursday 12/7/18- An excellent review of “Heartland Soul” appears in the August edition of Country Music magazine:

“Based in Cambridge, but with music rooted firmly in Irish and American traditions, Red Velvet comprise Les Ray and Deirdre Murphy, as main songwriter and singer respectively, performing alongside a raggle

taggle band of brother musicians, on this, their second album.”

“Their love for music from their roots is clear”. (HMJ)


Tuesday 10/7/18- Nic Rigby interview with Les Ray published on Fatea website: http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/news/RedVelvet/

Thursday 21/6/18, the Summer Solstice - release of Red Velvet’s second double A-side single: “El patrón y el diablo”/”You put a spell on me”

Friday 11/5/18 - Red Velvet headline at Royston Folk Club with a 30-minute set.

Monday 30/4/18 - “Stranger Welcome” chosen for inclusion in the latest Fatea Showcase download selection: Fatea Showcase Session Summer 2018: Serpent. Between 1 May and 31 July the track can be downloaded free, along with 15 other fine tracks by new artists, via this link: www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk

Wednesday 18/4/18 - A fine review of “Heartland Soul” appears in the May/June edition of Maverick magazine:

“The album’s variety is impressive for here are elements of country, Irish traditional music, ska, folk and so on and songs about socio-political concerns such as unemployment, immigration and privatisation, as well as about love” (Trevor Hodgett, p. 67)

Sunday 25/3/18 - Deirdre and Les guests on Sue Marchant’s show, BBC Cambridgeshire, 7.30pm

“Chocolate voice meaningful songs”


Saturday 17/3/18, St. Patrick’s Day - official release of the CD “Heartland Soul”.

Friday 16/3/16 - Red Velvet local act of the week on Camfolk on Cam FM, 11-12pm. 

Saturday 10/3/18 - Launch of “Heartland Soul” at The Golden Hind, Cambridge.

Wednesday 7/3/18 - “Heartland Soul”  ‘Album of the Week’ on Eden Folk, Eden FM, 8-10pm (Penrith) (Liz Franklin)


“I enjoy the whole album to be honest. I love your singer’s voice. I like the writing as I am a fan of socio-political comment and protest songs. The variety is really good and the instrumentation is excellent and the production really works.”

Tuesday 6/3/18 - “Heartland Soul” CD of the Week:

on Roger Williams, A World of Difference (Nottingham) / Blues and Roots Radio 8-10pm.


Tuesday 13/2/18 - First radio play of Red Velvet’s single, released 14/2/18: 

“Stranger Welcome” on Finnegan’s Wake, Radio Nowhere, New Jersey USA

“A song that fits into this show but also has a social conscience theme”.